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Begins At The Farm

BRAC Dairy was established in 1998. It began as an income-generation sector to create a market for rural dairy farmers and provide them a profit-making platform. It started when the demand for milk in villages was low and there were no refrigerated storage facilities for the unsold milk. To meet that need, BRAC established milk factories to collect milk from rural dairy farmers with a fair price and sell it to the urban market.

Over time, BRAC Dairy’s goals have expanded to serve high-quality milk products to their customers. In addition to packaged milk, it offers processed and packaged milk products. To summarize, the enterprise channels milk from rural to urban areas while channeling urban money into rural areas.

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As Bangladesh’s cities rapidly expand ...


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BDFP’s original mission was to secure market access for dairy farmers, ultimately helping them generate income. Over time, BDFP’s goal has expanded to include serving high-quality milk product to their customers. With inconsistent electricity and therefore refrigeration, dairy products generally are not widely available in Bangladesh. 80 percent of Bangladesh still relies on the ‘informal’ milk market which delivers bulk amounts of raw milk to consumers. BDFP caters to the 30 percent of Bangladeshis who rely on the formal milk market which sells processed and packaged milk. In essence, BDFP channels milk from rural areas into urban areas while channeling the revenue into rural areas.